Color Chart For European Human Hair Extensions

Color Chart For European Human Hair Extensions
Item# Color-Chart-For-European-Remi-Human-Hair-Extensions
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Color Chart For European Human Hair Extensions. Color ring numbers 2, 3, 4, blonde, golden blonde, platinum blonde, red, bright red, and 99j is a wine red

How to Apply Seamless Hair Extensions:
It is easy to apply seamless hair extensions that look flat and provides no lumps or bumps. First make sure your hair texture closely matches and blends with the hair extension weft. You can do this yourself or have your hair stylist install. To get started you will need a comb, scissors, clips to hold hair back, hair weaving bond, hair weaving bond remover, full length mirror, hand held mirror. Start from the back of the head and part the client’s hair from ear to ear with comb. Make sure part is clean and even. Use hair clips to hold the top portion of hair. Measure hair extension weft to make sure it will fit onto the part. Cut the extension weft to the desired width. Apply hair weaving glue bond directly to the weft. Apply the weft to the part on clients head. Press with your fingers along the weft to make sure it is firmly positioned. Part the client’s hair again leaving her hair to cover the weft. Measure extension and apply hair weave bond to weft and place onto part. Press firmly. Cover with client’s hair and style. This is quick and easy to apply. It is also temporary and will last 2 weeks. This application will give you two wefts. Some clients might need 3 or four wefts depending on the style and how thick they want their hair extension. When it is time to redo gently remove with Q-tip dipped in hair weaving bond remover and apply to part with weft. Allow the remover to saturate and loosen up bond. Gently remove. Wash hair.